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Current Residence: Montréal

Favourite cartoon character: Donald is the best
First of the 84395728953 tags i have to do ewe

Tagged again by :iconcaptainy: oeuf course teeeheee

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 things about them.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you, and invent 10 new questions the persons you tag will have to answer.
4. You have to choose 10 persons and put their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their pages and inform them they are tag.
6. Not something like "You are tag if you read this".
7. You have to tag 10 persons.

I can't tag 10 persons i don't know 10 persons on deviant ;_;

1) Ma hair are the most fabulous hair eveeeeer /sbaaaf/ they're ginger and red, and i want to dye them in indigo too but but but don't have money for that .__.
2)I'm supa lazy, i have class to 11:30 am most of the time, and the rest of the day, i'm in ma bed, trying to work, buuut ... fail anytime
3) I have a Sigur Ros concert in 43 days, i'm supadupa exited, cause the last concert I went too was the best day of my life.
4) I have a fb page for my Candy love job hahaha…
5) I love getting piercings, buuut no money. When i'll have, i'll do a lot more. And tattoos. Cause i'm really passionate by that.
6) "I don't always listen in Contemporain History of Japan, but when I do, I fall asleep"
a true meme i did today teehee
7) I smoke too much now, buuut i like that u_u
8) I want to cut my hair very very short buuuut have no courage for that
9) I want to learn Icelandish. One of the most beautiful language ever.
10) I play piano for 10 years, and I miss him so much ;__; wanna play Coldplay agaaaain


1. How much do you like blueberries ?

It's okay ... it's really really good in pancakes, and muffins, but alone, they're just okay.

2. What are you currently reading ?

Errrrm ... In manga, i'm reading " A funny father "(Un drôle de père) (can't make the exact translation) which is a Josei, quite good I like it. In book ... I haven't time for reading books, it's horrible, plus they superduper expensive here ;___;

3. Describe right now everything that are on your desk (or on the table you are (if it's your knees.. I don't know )) :iconmingplz:

EVERYTHING ? REALLY ? Okay you're gonna die
Cup of thea, 7up, a cap, another cap, drugs (medicaments hein è_é)cigarettes, a remover of nail polish, tissues, makeup, a lot of makeup, god why do i have this much make up, a lot of lipstick, my audio earphone, my ipod, my coffe, cables, a towel, book, my room phone, japanese books, a fork, pictures of my best friend, papers, papers, drawing on papers, drawings i'm trying to finish but ma hand says no, nail polish, a criterium, some hair clipper, a new paper, falses lashes, aaaaaand we're done.
I know, what a mess. And it's pretty clean.

4. And now on the walls of the room you are in.

NOTHING JUST LAMPS, I CAN'T PUT ANYTHING T___T (cuz i live in residence so i'm not allowed to put nothing ... beuuuuh)

5. What was the last thing you watched on TV ?

It was basket ball at my mexico restaurant haha

6. And the last thing you ate ?

Some chips i found in my closet ewe (now i'm gonna eat rameeeens)

7. You prefer rather big or small bosoms ? e.e

Huuuum ... I don't really have a preference, but i'll go for small, because it's easier to fill in your hand 8D Personally, i've small small so ... hahaha

8. I like llamas. Discuss this fact in 200 words. *shot*

Nowadays,Llamas are a very popular and famous animal all over the internet. They're used in many ways, as in a cute way, or in a funny way, through various gifs, like on tumblr, or in very well-known videos, like "Llamas with the hat" (a classic if you want my opinion) . But Llamas used to be very disliked, due to their abilities to spit on people when they're angry. The fact is, that in the Llamas culture, this is the way to say "Welcome" or "I found you nice". But people misunderstood the situation, and thought the contrary. Nodoby wanted to see or to be near a llama. The Llamas population were very sad, because they needed a human contact to be happy. Then, a llamas decided to do a communication campaign to change the image of the Llamas. They did funny things, and put them online, to make people think :" Hey, they're not that bad finally !" Then, they starting making toys representing cute Llamas, with pastels and delicates colors, for children and romantic girls. Then, they stopped spitting on people during a certain time, and they starting dancing, and be classy, like a sir. And now, the Llamas is THE thing to like in 2013. But, the real truth is, that they want to conquer the world, and they did a brain wash with all their campaign to find the Llamas as an attractive animal.
Take care, and don't trust a llama anymore.

(247 i think )(just btw, c'est bien moi qui ai écrit ça hein 8D)

9. What do you wear to sleep ?

Nothing, i sleep naked ewe

10. What would you want me to draw ? Ah ah ah


and i don't tag anyone sorry ! But feel free to answer !
  • Listening to: Sigur Rós - Varðeldur
  • Reading: nothing in particular
  • Watching: The Valtari Mystery Experiment
  • Eating: RAMEEEENS
  • Drinking: 7up !

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